fredag den 30. december 2011

Serious Version

Okay, so as you might have guessed, we have new contributors. The author of the former... piece was Maru, and to sum up, what she said was that we have finally decided on our ECG finals costumes.  We're really excited to start on our Trinity Blood costumes! =D But who are we, anyway? Here's a brief introduction to each member of TEAM MEGUCA! 

Name: Maru
Age: 20
Favorite series: Xxxholic
Favorite Power Ranger: Yellow
Character item: Hatred
Cosplayed since: 2006
First cosplay: Chocolat From Sugar Sugar Rune
Character at J-popcon: Mami Tomoe
Character at the ECG finals: Esther Blanchett



Name: FriedDeer
Age: 25
Favorite series: Bleach, Skip Beat
Favorite Power Ranger: Gold
Character item: Honey jar
Cosplayed since: 2004
First cosplay: Sailor Saturn
Character at J-popcon: Kaname Madoka
Character at the ECG finals: Seth Nightroad

Name: Is-9
Age: 24
Favorite series: Madoka Magica
Favorite Power Ranger: Pink
Character item: Tortoise named Kurt Vonnegut 
Cosplayed since: 2004
First cosplay: Sailor Jupiter
Character at J-popcon: Homura Akemi
Character at the ECG finals: Paula Souwauski

And just to make this post load impossibly slow, here is our qualification video:


Aaaand, that's all for now. We'll see you in 2012 with progress, pictures and 90's music!


We're not dead!

Hello everybadiiiii

megucas back alriiiight

omg we're back agaiiiiin

throw your wigs up in the eeair


Team Meguca here, in a 90's daze!
And we'll warn you. Our performance in Paris WILL contain Backstreetboys (Note: No it won't) or Aqua.
It's now been 1 1/2 month since we won da ECG qualification round at the J to da popcon and now we are ready with a plan(e). <- Air France anyone?


So, we will be cosplaying from the marvelous series OF:

Mermaid Melody Pitchi PITCHY PIIITCH

Then I guess we'll just do Trinity Blood then.
FriedDeer as: Seth Nightroad
Is-9 as: Petros (Paula Souwauski)
The amazing spiderMaru as: Etcher Blanket (Esther Blanchett).

Didn't see that coming, huh?

Tell me is Ibiza still cool? Cause we're not sure, but we loooove S.o.a.p, Backstreet Boys and Aqua. Oh Aqua. . . Mmmmh.

ANYWAY. Time to get cereal! Serious! Cause teh ise is melting on the poooles. (NO!)

So Thank you for joining the navy, stay tuned! (Tuna. Heh)

Maru Out.