søndag den 20. maj 2012

Wauw - Fantastic Baby!


This Maru reporting in~

The team of Megucas are on a roll! Suddenly we realised that the ECG finals are closing in, and we kinda need to step up our game and get to work.! D:

Today we managed to finish the music for our act, so now we need to record our lines and then we have ourself a soundtrack! It has been a real struggle to find the right music since we all had different opinions and taste, but suddenly we just found DA MUSIC! So that's nice.

Today (and as I'm writing this) Mona is joining us here in the cosplay lab, working on her own Trinity Blood gown, so pretty ~~~~

Oh, and look! She brought cake!

But we're not just om-nom-nomming the day away. Actucaly we're being veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery progressive if you ask me. Have a look and see for yourself:

Sigge's busy with calculating, measuring and drawing guidelines onto her sleeves, look at all the tools! What a clever girl!

Ida's been working on her cross applications lots and lots of embroidery, gold and red! WOW! NO-ONE EXPECTED THAT!

As for me, I've been working on the fabled, bloody skirt. I have added some soluvlies (a material that dissolves in cold water) and cutting away the redundant fabric. Now I need to embroider the edge of the skirt and then paint the pattern on with expanding-ish paint .____.

So to sum things up: The megucas are doing great! Next lvl will be working with wonderflex, resin, silicone and we need to make glowing wings! Wish us luck!

 May Coobie be with you <3


torsdag den 10. maj 2012

Dah Bling Empress * Now in Warrior Prncess edition *

And FINALLY I manage to actually write on our lovely blog >:D
...this might be connected to me finally making some progress, but hush hush with that part >.>

So current status is... Well I started making Seth's long train, and its huge O.o
I'm also about to figure out the basic construction of the hat, which has baffled me for a couple of months by now.
But you can see the current scale model on this friendly Dalek -->

Oh, and did I mention I STILL don't have my green fabric? :D Hurray for Danish fashion fabric stores...
So, Internet shall save me. I have even received some free fabric samples from which I have to decide ^^

So all in all, I'm finally getting started :D I think I be able to actually make it somehow, though I do have some trouble with wrapping my mind around how much is still left ^^;
BUT to help me make it, I have 3 seasons of Xena, the Warrior Princess to assist me! >:D *que Xena's fighting cry*.

PS. And since I was looking through old photos anyway, here is a picture of our lovely backdrop for our Madoka act, which is badly blurred on all videos.

Over and out ~