torsdag den 10. maj 2012

Dah Bling Empress * Now in Warrior Prncess edition *

And FINALLY I manage to actually write on our lovely blog >:D
...this might be connected to me finally making some progress, but hush hush with that part >.>

So current status is... Well I started making Seth's long train, and its huge O.o
I'm also about to figure out the basic construction of the hat, which has baffled me for a couple of months by now.
But you can see the current scale model on this friendly Dalek -->

Oh, and did I mention I STILL don't have my green fabric? :D Hurray for Danish fashion fabric stores...
So, Internet shall save me. I have even received some free fabric samples from which I have to decide ^^

So all in all, I'm finally getting started :D I think I be able to actually make it somehow, though I do have some trouble with wrapping my mind around how much is still left ^^;
BUT to help me make it, I have 3 seasons of Xena, the Warrior Princess to assist me! >:D *que Xena's fighting cry*.

PS. And since I was looking through old photos anyway, here is a picture of our lovely backdrop for our Madoka act, which is badly blurred on all videos.

Over and out ~

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