mandag den 6. februar 2012


No update in more than a month? This cannot be!

So, here's an update on what we've done since last the last post.

A few weeks ago, Maru and I went fabric shopping with our friend Degu - FriedDeer couldn't come because of evil, evil exams, so there's another fabric trip in the pipeline - and we managed to get pretty much all the fabric for Paula and Esther in one place, go us!

I'd finished the patterns for Paula's robe beforehand, so I went right ahead and cut the fabric - but then I realized I didn't have the right bias tape (I think that's the english word for that) so I couldn't get any further. So while I'm searching for bias tape (ultimately, I'll probably have to make my own...), here is the mockup of Paula's robe, in amazing dirt-cheap-fabric-o-vision:

 I also found beads for Paula's rosaries. Aren't they nice?

And finally, I begun sculpting some of the jewellery for both Paula and Esther. There all need sanding and most of them will be cast in resin eventually, so it's more of a preview than anything, but hey, there's a picture!

Next up: more sculpting, questing for bias tape - and maybe embroidery!

Is-9, over and out!

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  1. It looks so badass! XD I really love how the rope looks so far, it's going to be so awesome~

    Can't wait to see more prgress! :D