mandag den 18. juni 2012


2 weeks or half a month to go!

Are the Megucas done yet? -NO
Will they be? - YES!

The pressure is SO on by now! Not a day goes by without it containing some sort of sewing, practice of act or crafting of amor.
I finished my skirt, but when I had to remove my helping lines (the ones draw with an aqua trick marker that's SUPPOSED to dissolve in water) it fucked up and I got blue smudge all over my precious skirt.

 My brain died.

Then I got angry and threw it all in my bathtub with a "RRRRROAR!" and put the now soaked skirt up in the middle of my (small) living room to dry. When wet it's impossible to see it the stains are still on, so when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was checking it. FORTUNATELY almost all the smudge went off!
No one can imagine how happy a Maru I am!

So now the skirt is as good as done and a great burden has been lifted off my shoulders. After all I've been working on it for half a year. (Not at lightning speed, but you know. You sort of get attached to things after that long.)

We sent everything such as pictures, performance plan and soundtrack to the ECG administration yesterday, so now there's no turning back. Needless to say we never intended that, MAGICAL GIRLS NEVER GIVE UP! (they just die.)

I finished the written part of my exam, now all there's left is the textile project, but It's so darn hard to focus on that right now. All I want to do is make this costume even more awesome than it already is.

And now: Picture time /(AGAAAAAAAIN!)
(I don't have that much for you this time though.)

 First up is the AMAZING dummies all our crosses, knives, ornaments and whatnot. Ida did this, she's so unbelievably skilled I cant even. . .
These will be cast in resin/epoxy (as soon as we receive it ^^')

Something I pass EVERY DAY on my way to school. Looks familiar? 

Sheer madness!

That's it for today's blabbering.  Thank you for staying with me 'till the end <3

The voice inside your head when you read
and Maru ~

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