torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Thrones, paint and plates

Maru here =D
Suddenly there's less than a month to the ECG Finals and I find myself in the middle of a war!
A war between me, myself and I. You see, I wanted to sit down once and for all and get that stupid skirt of Esthers DONE!
Along came Mona with her "Hey let's watch Game Of Thrones!" and as you might guess ALL my attentions was on the screen instead of on the wretched skirt. Sigh. But that not all. Ooh no sir. Not only can I feel the pressure from the Finals closing but now my exam period has begun too. So one Maru wants to work on her cosplay, another wants to watch GoT (She's a VERY convincing one) and the last wants to do both but knows that she needs to focus on her bloody project. (She's kinda vague in her expressions so she's often ignored. . .)

Today I watched the last episode of Season 1 and the'res no way in HELLO I'm gonna get my hands on Season 2 before AFTER my exam. No more mister nice guy errrr. . . nun! No more!
But that's not important to you right now.

Since our last update things have happened. I'm done sewing and embroidering the edge of the damn skirt and I've started to pain it. With a little help from the Megucas and the Mona-chan desuuuuh

Picture time!

 Embroider, embroider embroider ~~~This looks like fun, right? WELL IT ISN'T! D::::::

 Edges ~~  Turned out pre-t-t-y nice IMO

 The wing and the veil. Complete with Alice Cooper make up.

 My slav- hard working friends! <3

 Get the picture? I'm going to look like china porcelain!
Yes, just like a plate. How pretty.

And last but not least, a little make up sample the Munna of Mona did on my face last week. How to use red eyeshadow without looking sick? Mona knows the!

I'm about half way the the PAINting so I'm content. I have to be. Next week I'm gonna pick up the most perfect boots for this costume and they need to get some paint too. Weeeeh. . . Sigh.
Really I'm enjoying myself when working on this. Sometimes. I like the breaks between. . .  Enough!

Maru outta here!

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